Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dragon Queen

So I tend to be a snob about watching whatever before reading the book, but that's basically all I do since I've never been a big reader, especially now that I'm in full-life-absorbing-school.
The result is a pregnant Daenerys Targaryen. I finally watched the Game of Thrones series this past Christmas, because like Lord of the Rings, I found the first 10 minutes too boring to continue. But also like LotR, I am a major fan of everything I saw in the film, story, cinematography, characters, etc..

So here's some fan art.

Girl Scouts

So this is the brain-child of my boyfriend and I. Let me explain.
As we were listening to NPR one Sunday afternoon, we heard them once again diving into historical archives, specifically in the 1950's American Girl Scout area. They were going over instructions for fire building and somewhere in there was the mentioning of "little white gloves." This set off sexist jokes between my boyfriend and I, with a Kate Beaton/Mad Men mentality. But since the Loyolan (Loyola Maymount's student newspaper) likes comics that are slightly in better taste, boys doing everything for little girls changed to laservision. Thus....

There are a few more comics I've done/will do that I may post.
Meanwhile...I'm a fan of my attempt at 50's-inspired illustrations.